Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peacock Fabulous

Hey this is Faith! This is my second posting on the blog.  I don't have as much time as my mother to post up projects, but I love to do them with her.  We try to keep a little friendly competition going when we scrapbook together. I think that is why I love scrapbooking with her so much.
I created a new page using the sketch design from the 2 Broke Girls blogspot.  Love it! I have started my own cupcake busines so I was instantly drawn to this site. 
Well, here is a copy of the sketch off of 2 Broke Girls.
(You have seriously got to check this site out)

I picked an old dance picture to use for this sketch challenge.
This is a picture of me at one of my clogging competitions when I was younger.
My clogging team danced to a song where we all were costumed as different animals.  As you can tell, I got to be the peacock.  My mom made the costume by hand (she says she doesn't sew- HA!).  I know she worked hard on it because she had to put it together thee times.  She used sequins, and feather yarn, and real peacock feathers.  It was my favorite costume.

I used some beautiful glittery peacock paper that I found at Michaels with some blue glitter paper.
I added some crystals I found at Hobby Lobby and the crystal "fabulous".  I also added the actual necklace I wore with the costume.  It has the green sequins and blue feather yarn in it with the metallic silver disc.  Can you tell I like sequins, glitter, and a lot of bling?
I also added one of the peacock feathers from the costume as well.
This page means a lot to me because it isn't just the picture that brings back great memories.
I have entered these into the following challenge:
2 Broke Girls
Sketch Challenge #1

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