Saturday, October 25, 2014


The challenge today is... Zombies!
Ok, I have to admit, I have never done a Zombie project before.
So, this is another one for me.
These 13 Days of Halloween Challenges have really challenged me.
But I have learned all kinds of new techniques, so it's been GREAT!!
That is the biggest reason that I really hope you check out
For this project I wanted to learn something new (again).
So, I decided to make a Zombie themed candle.
For this project, I used the Thrillin' Zombie Betty stamp.
This candle was sooo easy to make!
Candle instructions:
Print out you stamp onto regular copy paper.
Tape Tissue Paper to the top of the digi stamp you just printed out,
And print the stamp out again on the tissue paper.
Color your stamp on the digi paper.
Cut the tissue paper away from the copy paper.
Hold the Tissue Paper to the candle and use a heating tool to adhere the
Tissue Paper to the candle.
The Tissue Paper will disappear.
Be sure not to heat the candle too much in one area for too long,
or it will melt the candle.
Hope you'll join us over at Simply Betty Stamps for another great challenge.