Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beach Time!

I have to brag today on my daughter.
She hasn't been posting anything up here lately because she has been too busy with school and dance classes/competitions.
But today she has been busy baking 2 birthday cakes.
One has a really cool beach theme.
It is a white chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting.
It is absolutely to die for!
Here is a close up showing off the fish and the "wet" sand.
She made an adorable beach ball and 2 beach towels.
There is also some shells and a couple of starfish.
How cool is that?

She used gum paste to make the beach towels, beach ball, fish, starfish, and shells.  She just colored each piece to what color she wanted and then cut
the shapes out she wanted.  The fish are yellow and cut out kind of like
the little "Goldfish" crackers.  The sand is light brown sugar, and the "wet" sand is, believe it or not, dark brown sugar.  LOL!
She is getting better and better at her cake decorating.
But more importantly, her cakes taste INCREDIBLE!!!
I am so proud of her.

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